Fox Valley CPAs

Offering You Services For Success

Attuned to the unique needs of your business, we are exceedingly diligent in making sure you are taking every opportunity to operate smoothly, save money and increase revenue and profit.

In addition to assisting you with the intricacies of monthly bookkeeping and payroll reporting, we can provide on-site controller and financial statement support.

Fox Valley CPA’s will provide a bundle of annual services custom designed for your business. Based on your needs, your annual bundle package could include:

  • Compiled financial statements
  • Reviewed financial statements with full footnote disclosure
  • Year end adjustments
  • Detailed fixed asset depreciation schedules
  • Corporate income tax returns
  • Partnership income tax returns
  • Quarterly individual tax planning
  • Income tax returns
  • Personal property tax returns
  • Manufacturer’s property tax returns
  • Manufacturer’s real estate tax returns
  • Online filing of your annual corporate report
  • Quarterly payroll tax reports
  • Year end payroll tax reports
  • Employee W2s
  • UC officer exclusion calculation
  • Overhead analysis
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Monthly on site visits by Fox Valley CPA’s experts to:
    • Reconcile all relevant accounts
    • Make necessary corrections
    • Provide ongoing training to your internal bookkeeper
    • Verify payroll tax deposits
    • Review your monthly general ledger detail
    • Print month end reports for owners
  • NEW! Remote access to assist your internal bookkeeper
  • Owner conferences and consulting with your Fox Valley CPA account manager

In addition to recurring annual services, many business owners need additional, one-time services for the following:

  • Accounting System Analysis and Improvement
  • Many small business accounting systems are initially set up by non-accountant employees. Over time, these systems no longer provide the information that management needs to operate effectively.

  • Break Even Analysis
  • Do you know yours? How low can your sales go before you lose money?

  • Overhead Analysis
  • Knowing and understanding your overhead burden is extremely important to small businesses, especially in difficult economic times. A good understanding of your overhead allows you to price competitively.

  • Cost Accounting Systems
  • Development of an cost accounting system that will cater to your construction or manufacturing business.

  • Audits
  • Provide you with representation before the IRS or Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

  • Business Valuations for:
    • Purchasing a business
    • Selling a business
    • IRS estate valuations
    • Divorce litigation


Fox Valley CPA account managers have extensive experience in small business accounting issues. You can save tens of thousands each year by having Fox Valley CPA’s experts make monthly on-site visits to perform the following:

  • Reconcile all relevant accounts
  • Make all necessary corrections
  • Provide ongoing training to your internal bookkeeper
  • Verify payroll tax deposits
  • Review your monthly general ledger detail
  • Customize internal reports for owners
  • Print month end reports for owners
  • Review reports with owner
  • NEW! Remote access to assist your internal bookkeeper

How does this help you?

  • Improves accuracy of your accounting system
  • Improves reporting produced by your accounting system
  • Develops appropriate systems to reduce internal labor costs
  • Helps reduce the likelihood of employee misappropriation of funds
  • Reduces negative effects of employee sudden departure
  • Assists employers with no accounting or finance background determine if their employees are properly performing their job
  • Keeps you up to date with the reporting requirements for small business owners by the IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue
  • Verifies payment of payroll tax liabilities